Waste Solutions Group | Cleaning & Odour Control

Cleaning (MWSG chute cleaning - PDF)

As one of the industry’s leading companies, we feature a unique cleaning process that removes caked-on, dried, flammable garbage throughout your chute system. Our representatives even climb into your compactors to ensure total cleanliness.

A complimentary floor-by-floor garbage chute inspection, followed by a written report, will check for fire and building code compliance, indicate what was checked, and point out items needing attention.

Odour Control (MWSG outdoor Control sheet - PDF)

Our "DNA Destroyer" features ultra-violet germicidal bulbs that eradicate air-borne bacteria, viruses, mold spores and odours by continuously filtering garbage room air. The technology, used for over 20 years in a variety of medical research, food preparation and air and water purification systems, has now been successfully adapted by Waste Solutions Group for this market. The benefits include:

The CSA-approved system has a one-year warranty and durable stainless steel casing.

DNA Destroyer

DNA Destroyer